Soundcraft Vi400 600 UpgradeThe Vi400/600 Control Module is designed to directly replace the Vi4/6 ‘silver box’ Control Module and provide a faster processor, more reliable performance with hard-soldered DisplayLink-based graphics outputs rather than the PCI graphics card of the original system. The new module runs a variant of V6.x software, but with a cut-down feature set compared to Vi000- series consoles, appropriate to the capabilities of the Vi2/4/6 surface and Local Rack. A useful application for this upgrade would be to give an existing surface a new lease of life and allow it to function as an emergency backup surface, rather than being disposed of, when a full Vi5/7000 upgrade is purchased.

The control surface will externally remain a Vi4 or 6, but will identify as a Vi400 or 600 on its main Menu screen.

Note that the control module upgrade is also available for Vi2 consoles, which will become Vi200 once upgraded.


Features available when a Vi2/4/6 console is upgraded with this option:
  • New-look 3D-Vistonics touchscreen graphics, as Vi000-series consoles
  • 30-second Fast-boot
  • Faster surface response, particularly on layer changes
  • Functioning Setup buttons for encoder USER mode assign and F1-6-key assign
  • Shure Mic Monitoring
  • Full-featured ViSi Remote, with EQ, Dynamics & metering (V6.2 s/w and ViSi Remote V3.2 onwards)
  • ‘Mirroring’ of two consoles (V6.2 s/w onwards)
  • Ability to control the console on-line using Virtual Vi as well as the Control Surface
  • Input channels assignable to Master Bay feature (V6.2 s/w onwards)
  • Increased number of insert points (64) and tie lines (128)
  • Ability to use the upgraded Surface with either a Vi4/6 ‘Classic’ Local Rack, or a Vi5/7000 Local Rack *
  • Local I/O can either use original passive breakout box on Classic Local Rack, or ABB on Vi5/7000 Local Rack
  • Ability to benefit from future software updates on the V6.x software platform (new features may be restricted compared with Vi000-series due to the limitations of the surface and DSP in the Local Rack)
Features* from Vi5/7000 that are NOT available with the Vi4/600 Control Module upgrade are:
  • 128 inputs not available (channel count remains at 96ch assuming minimum of 3 DSP cards in Classic rack, or 5 or 8 DSP cards in a Vi5/7000 Local Rack).
  • 96kHz sample rate operation not available
  • BSS DPR 901ii Dynamic EQ not available
  • vMIX automatic microphone mixing not available
*These features are ONLY available by implementing a FULL Vi5000/7000 Upgrade or by purchasing a complete new Vi5000/7000 system (see the Vi5000 or 7000 web pages for product details and information about the upgrade possibilities).