DiGiCo-SD11The DiGiCo SD11 is a compact 19 inch rackmount or table top mixer. By simply removing the end cheeks and armrest, 19” rack fixings are revealed, making this a low cost, yet powerful solution, to incorporate into almost any mixing environment.

The SD11 comes at an astoundingly low price point yet, by employing the power of DiGiCo’s Stealth Digital Processing™ and the flexibility of a true FPGA-based digital audio console, it maintains the very highest audio quality and best facilities.

The release of a set of software/firmware upgrades now means that this versatile solution is available in three configurations.

DiGiCo D-Rack
32 Mic in 8 Analogue Out, showing optional
  • 8 AES Mono Stream Outputs
  • 8 Analogue Outputs
  • Aviom card
  • 19” Rack Ears

Optional D-Rack
32 Mic in 8 Analogue Out

Input Channels: 32 (inc 8 Flexi)
Busses / Aux / Group: 12 Flexi Configurable + LR or LCR Master
Solo Busses: 2
Matrix: 8x8
Master: LR/LCR
Dynamic EQ: 4
Multiband Comp: 4
DiGiTuBes: 0
FX: 4 Stereo
GEQ: 12 x 31 Band
CG: 8
Multi Inputs: Yes
Set Spill: Yes
Macros: 8
Insert Points: 1 (Switchable pre or post channel processing)
Faders: 12
DiGiCo CAT5E Audio: 1
PSU: 1