Barco E2 processorRaising the bar for live screen management, the E2 presentation system provides superior image quality, exceptional input and output density, great expandability and durability. Supporting native 4K input and output, it is the first and only screen management system on the market that can manage a 4K projector blend with refresh rates up to 60Hz. A truly versatile system, it offers eight mixable PGM outputs and four scaled Aux output for full show control with a single box.
Native 4K input and output

With native 4K input and output, the E2 provides impressive pixel processing power. Whether native or scaled inputs, two connectors or four, this HDCP-compliant system manages it all. With 28 inputs and 14 outputs (eight PGM, two Multi-viewer and four scaled Aux outputs), the E2 system offers full show control, including eight independent PIP mixers and a dedicated Multiviewer. Thanks to its linkable chassis, it can easily expand beyond these eight outputs without the need for additional external processing and routing to distribute the signals. And as its inputs and layers can also be extended, the E2 is even capable of managing a blend of up to 32 4K projectors.
Simple servicing and control

The E2 comes with a straightforward cross-platform user interface that provides touchscreen ergonomics. As the presets are stored on the chassis it enables easy control via third-party systems. Multiple users can control the system simultaneously, and the API allows third-party developers to create custom control programs and interfaces. Thanks to its modular design, users can simply add a new input or output card to support future signal interfaces. This modularity also ensures great serviceability, as users can easily swap a specific input or output card in the case of damage, without needing to ship or replace the entire box.
Designed for life on the road

Designed for the live event industry, the rugged E2 features a steel chassis that’s able to withstand the challenging conditions of life on the road. What’s more, it offers screen control in a compact form factor of only four rack units, which makes it easy to ship and install. And thanks to its modular cards and dual redundant power supplies, the E2 is extremely reliable and easy to service in the field.

  • 8x Input card slots supporting up to 4K resolution per slot.
  • Each card slot will accommodate either 4x HD inputs, 2x 2,560 x 1,600 inputs, or 1x 4K input.
HDMI/DisplayPort input card
  • 2x HDMI 1.4 connectors
  • 2x DisplayPort 1.1 connectors
Dual Link DVI input card   
  • 2x Dual Link DVI-D connectors
6G SDI input card
  • 4x BNC connector supporting 6G SDI
Genlock input
  • 2x BNC connector (Input and loop output)
  • Supports Black burst and trilevel analog signals

Rental configuration will include 2x 6GSDI card, 2x DVI card, 4x HDMI/DP card


  • 3x Output Card slots for PGM and Aux outputs supporting up to 4K resolution per slot.

HDMI output card

  • 4x HDMI 1.4

6G SDI output card

  • 4x BNC connector supporting 6G SDI
  • 1x Multi-viewer card slot  

HDMI Multi-viewer card

  • 4x HDMI 1.4 connectors

Rental configuration will include:

  • 14 Outputs via 4 Output cards
    • Up to 3 x 4K Outputs - each Output card supports up to 4K@60 out
    • 4 x SD/HD/3G SDI (6G ready)
    • 8 x HDMI 1.4 (297 Mpix/sec max)
    • 2 x HDMI 1.4 for Multiviewer (297 Mpix/sec max)
  •     Eight (8) Program Outputs configurable as single screens or tiled/blended widescreens
    • Configurable from 8 x 2,048 x 1x200@60 max to 2 x 4,096 x 2,400@60 max

User interface
Event Master Software

  • GUI based configuration and control application
  • Cross platform (Mac/Windows)

Event Master Console (available 2015)
API for custom User interface programming

Processing and latency

  • 12 bits/color
  • 36 bits/pixel
  • 1 frame processing latency for progressive sources

PIP layers (per chassis)
Freely assignable PiP layers seamlessly transition between sources

  • 2K mode: 8x seamless PiP or key overlay
  • DL mode:  4x seamless PiP or key overlay
  • 4K mode:  2x seamless PiP or key overlay

Background mixer
Each PGM screen destination has an unscaled seamless background mixer supporting the full resolution of the destination

  • Any live input type can be a background source
  • Matte color generator
  • Still store as background

Destinations (single chassis)
Eight (8) Program Outputs configurable as single screens or tiled/blended widescreens

Program screens

  • 4K Output
    • 2x single screens
    • 1x blended (2 outputs)
  • Dual Link output
    • 4x single screens
    • 2x blended
  • HD (2K) Output
  • 8x single screens
  • 4x 2 output blended (2 output per blend) up to 1x 8 output blended

Auxilliary Outputs
User definable from 4 x 2,048x1,200@60 to 1 x 4K@60 

  • 4K output
    • 1x Scaled Aux output
  • Dual Link output
    • 2x Scaled Aux output
  • HD (2K) output
    • 4x Scaled Aux output


  • 4K output
    • 1x Multi-viewer output
  • Dual Link output
    • 2x Multi-viewer output
  • HD (2K) output
    • 2x Multi-viewer output

Still stores
User-assigned still stores

  • Live capture
  • Loaded via PNG file

1,000 user defineable presets

Expandability (available 2015)
16x E2 chassis per system


  • 4RU
  • Dual Redundant PSU
  • Modular field swappable processing and I/O cards
  • Variable flow cooling
  • Rugged steel chassis