Vuepix-P10-L-Series-01The VuePix L Series represents the next generation in indoor and outdoor LED screens for both rental and per manent installation. Excellent brightness, outstanding contrast, configurable into a wide range of standard ratios, and innovative slim-line design, makes the L Series ideal for use in the most demanding environments and across and an impressive range of applications. With vertical structural integrity of up to 2000kg capacity, the largest of hanging applications are possible. The L Series panels are designed for fast build and assembly, are impressively low in weight and feature simple plug-and-play type connectivity. A truly modular design approach means very simple and fast replacement of all components, whether LED module or control/power module.


  • Quiet - No fans, convection cooled
  • Efficient - Low power consumption
  • Precise - A cabinet gap of less than 0.1mm for seamless displays
  • Black - High Contrast from the specially designed mask for improved viewing
  • Fast - FastLocks and Compression Locks for speedy assembly and build
  • Reliable - Highly stable, high quality construction
  • Light - Only 50% the weight of a traditional steel cabinet, and around 70% the weight of a comparable aluminium cabinet
  • Thin - At only 90mm frame depth & total 150mm with the control module, L Series offers significant space savings
  • Convenient - Standardized module and frame design for fast and simple assembly and installation
  • Compatible - Regardless of pitch, screen ratios of 4:3, 8:9, 16:9 can be easily assembled