We pride ourselves on our audio capabilities, and with good reason – they’re simply world class. Our audio team includes trained stage, backline and audio system techs, as well as monitor and front of house engineers. They have at their disposal a wide range of exceptional monitors, mixing consoles, microphones, receivers, monitoring systems and backline equipment.

  • DigiCo SD 9 ‘Red Snapper’ Digital Audio Console
  • DigiCo SD10 Digital Audio Console with HMA Optics
  • DigiCo SD12 Digital Audio Console with HMA Optics
  • JBL VTX F15 Speaker
  • JBL VTX V20 Dual 10” Line Array
  • JBL VTX V25 Dual 15” line Array
  • L-Acoustics 12XT 12” Speaker
  • L-Acoustics Arcs Focus
  • L-Acoustics Kara Line Array
  • Soundcraft Vi3000 Digital Audio Mixer
  • Soundcraft Vi5000 Digital Audio Mixer
  • Soundcraft Vi7000 Digital Audio Mixer
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