The skilled members of our LED and AV  team are magician-like, deftly turning fantasy into reality. Their mesmerising, integrated video designs make use of complex projection mapping and immersive LED screens at HD and 4K resolutions. To safeguard their work, the team specialises in switching equipment and in designing all the necessary redundancies and backups.

  • Analog Way Pulse 2
  • Barco E2 4k Multiformat Screen Management System
  • Barco EC 200 Live Event Controller – E2 and S3 compatible
  • Barco S3 4k Multiformat Screen Management System
  • Green Hippo Boreal Server DVI 4 Dual Link
  • Watchout 5 and 6
  • Absen 2.9mm D2V Indoor LED Panel 500×500
  • Absen 4.8mm D4V Indoor/Outdoor LED Panel 500×500
  • Absen Novastar Controller
  • Absen Novastar Sender HD Pro 2.3m Pixels
  • Vuepix E12 12mm LED E400(PRO) Indoor/Outdoor Mesh
  • Vuepix L6 WL LED 6mm Indoor/Outdoor LED Panel
  • Vuepix Q3 LED 3.9mm Indoor HD LED Panel
LED and AV