MGG’s new Stream Studio offers three permanent recording and streaming studios across South Africa, specifically in our warehouses in Cape Town and Johannesburg. The main warehouse in Johannesburg offers two specialised studios, Studio A, set up for conference type streaming and recording and Studio B, set up for entertainment and concert type streaming and recording. Each studio enables the facilitation of all your remote conference, meeting, awards and product launch needs and are kitted out with:

  • High end production equipment to ensure top quality audio and video for streaming
  • A highly skilled production and technical team
  • The option for one or multiple camera angles
  • Green screen and virtual set technology
  • At our permanent warehouse studios, we have high-speed fibre in place for seamless streaming.

A choice of different streaming platforms based on clients request or need
All studios, both permanent and ‘on-the-go’ are customizable to the clients preference, needs and taste, much like any live show.